July 14, 2015

I smell 1000 Runs cumminup!

From the late Whiskers, Canberra HHH in the 90s 

Soff’s computer has chucked a wobbly so he has asked that I send this to you.

Run 1779 Next Monday’s Hash is a celebration of Dint’s 1000th Run starting from near The Elimatta Hotel, Victoria Parade, D’port at 6.45pm. Trail is in the hands of Tracka (I hope). On-On will be at The Eli. Buy our own everything. Expect your usual SMS on Sunday enquiring as to your potential attendance.

Run 1778
Seven walkers and five plodders exited Coles Car Park with “fond” farewells from Hare Cheese. Both the walkers and plodders followed trail to the summit of Mount Trevor. (Well ... some did). The walkers were pleased to see an HHH and the plodders went on a downhill sprint in anxious anticipation of seeing some trail.

Dint decided to quit the pack and much valuable time was spent searching for him. (I lie!) Anyway to make a short story long we eventually finished up back at The Red Grasshopper for a banquet of Pizzas.

Cheese conducted the “lipperary” and suprisingly Dint was awarded The Hub for very good reasons, not to do with his impending milestone. Thanks Cheese. Great Trail and great On-On.

Soff is looking for hashers to set coming runs. Please let him know when you are able to oblige.

Remember, Hash depends on you! Thanks and see you on 14th September. GV

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