May 18, 2013


WHEN:     Monday, 20th May.
WHERE:    Well's Car Park, entrance off Gilbert Street Latrobe.
TIME:        6.30ish, it's getter colder, Trailmaster will call OnOn soon after!!!
ONON:      Tracka & Tinsels' Abode.

Update from run on 13th May from Outerberbs!
Bastard's run saw a small pack departing the yacht club, good to see some savvy Burnie Hashers, Ringo & ABOT, know where the fun is to be had.
Pioneer served up a fine feast of Chicken & Corn Soup, as she knows just how much Dint loves corn, followed by roast pork rolls, all scoffed down with the usual display of impeccable manners!!!!! Did anyone work the pepper grinder out this time "Cheese"!!

See you at Latrobe, OnOn

Web Wanker "Gone Again" will be "Back Again" this week.  Back from his mum's birthday, awww, NashHash & the Wilds of PNG, so look forward to your usual late postings!!

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