May 24, 2013


Hi, fellow Hashers, FM's last posting until "HomeAgain-CumAgain" has "GoneAgain" !!!!!

Next week's run:_

WHEN:     Monday 27th May, 2013.
WHERE:    Flasher & UFO - 118 Maude Street, Ulverstone.
TIME:        6.30ish.
ONON:      Asiswhereis!!!

Blurb from Monday 20th May, by non other than our own "Tinsel" :-
Righto then, next weeks run is at Flashers and Sue's so that's that. There were 16 Hashers which was good. It was a cold night as you would know but Tracka had a fire pot which was good. We had tomato soup followed by wait for it.....Phil Maney pies which went down like a treat on such a cold night, followed by choccy cake!! Dint debated the ins and outs of pies, must have eaten a few cause he seemed to know all about them he he!! You know what Dint is like with food God help us!! Flasher got several down downs for all types of shite!! Can't remember why now, and Flasher also told us of Cheese's exploits at Pioneers place involving their bed... Say no more:) A few good laughs were had by all. And good to see "Dad" back from his travels in far away exotic places... That's all folks:)


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