November 17, 2015

Run 1796 - Syncro's run from Bells Parade around Pig Island

And so about 17 hashers  (purely a guess), met at Bells Parade for Syncro's first attempt at setting a run. We were all a little worried that the trail might lead up those big hills nearby. But Syncro knew better than that and set trail around the perimeter of Pig Island, with a couple of false trails thrown in. There were a few comments that they did not realize the island was that big. The runners went a bit further but as it happened, all arrived back at the same time. I could have said something else there!

Back at the BBQ shelter Syncro and Tea Bag were busily cooking up a storm for the hungry hordes.

But as the run was a little short, Bastard did the lip before the hungry hordes got fed.

Downs were awarded to -

. Syncro - a half reasonable attempt at setting his first run,

. Tea Bag - for her able assistance,

. G.V. - 1320 runs,

. Killa - 265 runs,

. Tow Truck - missing more than 50 runs,

. Dint - 1018 runs (Bastard needed to use up some more downs)

. Cheeze - for making a comment which I cant print - reversed back to Boner,

. Cheeze - for something else that cannot be printed,

. Soff - 811 runs (Bastard used up the second last down)

. Lantern - just happened to be in the same pub as Cheeze  (and he was not driving).

And then the hungry hordes were let loose to consume shrapneled chicken, plastic burgers, snags, salads, bread and rolls. And it seems there was enough left over for Syncro to have snacks for the rest of the week - even though Crab and Dint were both there. Noddi being  first in the queue is now a distant memory.

Raffles were won and won and some won won. -

. Supa Sal won the wine,

. Soff won the cider,

. Syncro won the beer.

Crow was very quiet all night - he tells us he had 3 big functions to look after and he was feeling the pinch.

Supa Sal was going on about Ringer being in Thailand (or some other land) and were missing each other terribly. So much so that they were going to resort to phone sex later in the evening.

And then the Latrobe Council person came by and said that he was about the lock the gate and if the person who owned the only vehicle left in the carpark did not take the vehicle out, it would be locked in until the next morning. Some discussion ensued and Bedpan eventually realized that he was talking about her vehicle. Synco did the right thing and moved it out onto the roadway where everyone else had parked.

Boner took some photo's and will put them up for all to see.

Next weeks run will be set by Captain Crab from Otto's Grotto in Ulverstone, just near the Yacht Club. He has promised an interesting run and proper eats, whatever that means?

The run after that will be the AGM.  Meet at Dell Luck Park carpark  (also the carpark for the Don River Railway) for a car pool to the quarry up in Kelcey Tiers, with the On On back at Killa's church in Don, walking distance from the carpark.  I wonder whether the run will just be around the Tiers, or sort of finish up back at the Don?  G.V. is setting and only he knows and there is no 1st prize for guessing.

On On


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