November 10, 2015

Run 1795 - Crow's Special Beach and Bush

And so 20  or so  (there was so many I only had 20 fingers)  hashers and it must have been the enticement of some special food that brought them there, headed off this way and that way, so much the wrong way that Crow had to point a finger to those hanging around to the right way.

On to the beach, back off the beach, back onto the beach, along the rocks heading towards K'noths place (he used to be a hasher) at the end of Beach Road, past a nice little beach inlet, a Master Check was near there and Eweturn got lost, did not want to get her feet wet although the tide was out.

Bastard did the right thing and went looking for her and found her another 200 mts away in the wrong direction. After the Master Check, hashers went past and through the former Sea Kist cottages - or what is left of them. The property has been advertised for sale last week. See what the future holds there. And all arrived safely at Crows except Dint who somehow really got lost. And no one went looking for him.

Back at the OzRock Inn, when the thirsty hordes had quenched their thirst, Dint did the lip because Bastard did it last week. Downs were earned by -

. Crow - for a top run (for some) and food - the plastic hamburgers were a bit tough,

. FC - 848 runs - reversible,

. GV - for not going looking for Dint,

. Soff - for 810 runs, and to think that Noddi  introduced him to Hashing in 1990,

. SupaSal - for being at the run, and brought the Hub along,

. Poxie - for being at the run, after being every where else,

. Killa - being at the run for 2 consecutive runs, and he had a recent birthday,

. SupaSal - for playing with her phone, I guess she was having a virtual with Ringer,

. Dint - accused Maggie of doing things which he did not do and was reversed,

. GV - for diverting the course of the run by putting logs over Buttons Creek - reversed to Crow,

. Killa - for competative hashing.

. TT - won the Hub for admitting to listening to Dint on the radio. Christ - she could have changed stations.

The raffles were won and won and the winners were -

Killa won the cider,

Poxie won the wine,

TT won the beer.

Next weeks run will be set by Syncro, and that is confirmed by Bedpan. They have had a camping? holiday in NSW and are on their way back. It will be from somewhere that even he does not know yet. Stay tuned.

And an aside. I was the Des driver from the Turners Beach area except Eweturn, meaning me and Maggie,  Cheeze was pleased about that!  On washing the Patrol this morning, I found lots of red spots on the passengers side of the vehicle. It would appear that Maggie and his plastic glass of port were a little unsteady. And 2 very burnt snags were found in the front grill. Gracie our dog was very appreciative.

And thanks to Trakka for fixing up my computor so that I could do this. You know, we read about young people with a fixation of connection with the internet. I felt the same way over the past 5 days because I felt left out, deprived, and lost. It seems to me that it is just not the young people. But I still had my mobile!

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life - get on with it!



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