November 3, 2015

Run 1794 - Cystens Run of the Highs (Mission Hill) and the lows (Waste Water works) of Penguin

And so 17 hashers  (it was me who counted them - and including Boner) met at the tradesmans entrance to Cystens multistoried palace with a view.  At the appointed time On On was called and Hashers went this way and that - the runners this way and the wankers that way.

Don't know where the runners went but the wankers took a tour of Upper Mission Hill, thence down Deviation Road (can anyone remember when there used to be car hillclimbs up that road), up another hill past the cemetery and down the other side to the sewerage works. After some time trail was found on the railway line heading back into town. A slight variation up over a quite steep big group of rocks at the back of the caravan park had hearts thumping. From there it was an amble back over Penguin Creek and back up and up to Cysten's palace.

There was some consternation that Soff had not arrived back at the palace so GV and Thrust went looking. You know, Pioneer told everyone that Soff was probably at Yep's place half way up Mission Hill.   And she was right. You don't go past a Hashers house if the lights are on. I knew where I was.

Back at the Palace, Cysten presented a feast suitable for his serfs - lots of vergies (cooked and uncooked), snags, steaks and nibblies.

Bastard did the lip because he was back from the big island -

. Cysten - for a top run and great food (we have not worked out whether he had assistance)

. Cysten - for 300 runs,

. Boner - for 55 runs,

. Crab - for 155 runs,

. OD - for 25 runs,

. Pioneer - for 414 runs,

. Thrust/Eweturn  - for chatting during the lip,

. Bastard - because he had a recemt birthday,

. Soff - for accepting Yep's offer of a beer,

. G V - for something stupid,

. Dint - for something stupid,

. Crow - for looking a little faded after a big weekend at Bakers Beach.

The Hub came back from overseas and arrived in Thrust's boot and that's where it stayed.  SupaSal will have to bring it along in person next week.

Raffles were won and won and only 3 people won won.

 - Cheeze won the cider,

- Eweturn won the beer,

- Thrust won the Red.

OD came to the attention of most Hashers by making a mess of her food. She tipped  most of her plate onto the floor. Then, while pouring some refreshments out of a bottle, she missed the glass.

And everyone charged their glass/stubbie for a toast to 'Ere. There was a wonderful rainbow earlier in the evening - a fitting memory.

Tracka and TT are still on the big island catching up with kids and grandkids.

Next weeks run will be from that well known hospitality centre known as Ozrock Inn, just near the surf club in Ulverstone.

On On


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