November 24, 2015

Run 1797 - Captain Crab's Odyssey from Otto's Grotto

And so 18 or so hashers turned up at Otto's Grotto (it's in Ulverstone) to participate in a run set by Capt Crab. Before the On On, it was noticed that an electric bicycle was hidden away up the back. So for the initiated, it meant that trail could be hard to find.

And so it was!  Hashers found trail,  lost trail, went this way and that, found more trail, lost trail again but most arrived back at the grotto around the same time, that is, except the runners who thought they were on trail, but it was observed they were following seabird droppings. And when the runners did arrive back at the Grotto - they came in from all directions.  Capt Crab was heard blaming the wind.

As Capt Crabb's feast was about to be served by Mrs Crabb, hashers tucked into more shredded chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta,and rolls and bread.  They then demolished a 4 litre container of vanilla icecream.

While all this was happening,some dickhead of a hasher put some plastic container over the small candles on the food table. Cheeze cried out "who's burning plastic" and Dint said "Not me".  By this time some paper hand towels had burst into flame.  Instant action by Tracka and Cheeze removed the burning bits, but not after burning a hole in Mrs Crab's new plastic table cloth.   Crow was blamed for causing the fire because of a previous history of such things.

Dint did the Lip because he wanted to and awarded downs to -

. Capt Crab - for a crap run,

. Bastard - 1060 runs,

. Tracka - 1270 runs,

. Cheeze - 550 runs,

. Poxie - 575 runs,

. TT - 404 runs,

. OD - 27 runs (something about being a nurse),

. Dint - something he said on the radio,

. Cheeze - reversed back to him for talking about Capt Crab,

. Bastard - reversed back to him for trying to say that TT had assaulted him,

. Poxie - for wearing odd shoes to a recent wedding.

The raffles were won and won and not everyone one one -

. Poxie won the wine,

. Soff won the cider,

. Maggie won the Chilli beer.

It was noted that while Capt Crab sat around drinking port with other hashers, Mrs Crab cleaned up. At least there was some port!

LunaH Hash will be celebrated on Thursday evening 26 November 2016, meeting at the Rocket in Anzac Park at the normal time, with refreshments  at RA.

Next week’s run is the AGM!!   Meet at Don Railway Carpark at 6.30 for 6.45 departure.
Wankers will be transported to the start of their trail which will finish back at Don Railway.
Runners will follow trail from the Don Railway and will be picked up somewhere and returned to the start.
Latecomers should follow runners’ trail until they meet-up with the wankers and then return.

On-On will be at The Don Chapel thanks to Killa -  Walk there from the Don Railway (Dell Luck) Car Park.

GV understands the protocol is that Current Grand Master Tracka will be nominate (read appoint) his successor who will then appoint the Joint Masters who will then (s)elect their committee. I am sure Tracka has this in hand, so to speak!

On On


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