December 1, 2015

Run 1798 - AGM - To and from the Quarry at Durkins Road

About 16 or so hashers met at the River Don Railway carpark and, after listening to G.V's instructions, the walking wankers jumped into Crow and G.V's Uber vans and were transported to the traditional AGM site in Durkins Road, Quoiba. Meanwhile, the running wankers headed towards the Tiers and eventually arrived at the quarry. And you know what - the groups passed each other where they should have! And then it started to rain and everyone got really wet. And there was thunder and lightning as well.

Back at Killa's church G.V. and Killa provided the refreshments of nibblies, salad, lasagne, (prepared and cooked by the lovely Linda) and merangue and fruit. And later in the evening some port and sherry were made available. The sherry did not last long!

For a significant change, the raffle was won and won early and who won what was -

. Flasher won the cider,

. O.D. won the wine,

. Tracka won the mystery package,

. Eweturn won the Corona.

And then there was The AGM.  Tracka (being the current GM which he said he didn't know he was) said a few words mostly interupted by Cheeze.  So the nominations were -

Grand Master - Dint,

Joint Masters's - Crow and Lantern,

Hash Hops - Cheeze,

Trailmaster - Dint,

Snail Trailmaster - Bastard,

Hash Cash/Rigger - Tracka,

Hash Shitorian - Tracka,

Hash Lip - F.C.,

Hash Lower Lip - Cheeze,

Hash Lower Lower Lip -Maggie,

Web Wanker - Eweturn,

Hash Texta - G.V.,

Hash Flash - Flasher,

Hash Scribe - G.V./Tracka/Crab,

Hash Monk - Cheeze,

Hash Marriage Guidance Councillor - T.T.

A motley but effective bunch of Hashers there!

Then there was the Lippery conducted by the new Lip F.C. He gave downs to -

. G.V. - for a top run and organisation,

. Crow - 828 runs,

. Cysten - 303 runs,

. Lantern - 636 runs and it has only taken him 30 odd years,

. Knickers - 90 runs,

. Maggie - 420 runs,

. Crow - should have ventillated the Uber vehicle before the run to eliminate various odours,

. Killa - must have spilt some of the trail flour on his new beard,

. Dint - for calling the wrong time on the radio - 4 past 10 instead of 10 past 4 (dislexic?)

. Soff - for not paying attention with his back to everyone (someone has to take notes and Killa's church had a nice lectern).

The Hub was seen on the run but was unseen at the On On.  Because it was still in Tracka's car, he gets to wear it again next week.

And next weeks run will be hosted by Yep, from his newly renovated property near the bottom of Mission Hill Road in Penguin.

And the run after that (which will be the 1800th run) will be set by Cysten, from his 2 story mansion just near the top of the steep bit of Mission Hill Road in Penguin - entry via Long Street.

And the Xmas run will be hosted by Cheeze and his 2 dogs from his 2 story edifice in West Ulverstone.

For the 1800th run, Tracka is thinking loudly about having some significant recognition of this event. In due course he will arrange something and whatever it is will be presented to those who were at the 1800th run,  at the Xmas run at Cheeze's on 21 December. Be at both of these significant events.

On On


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