November 12, 2015

Next Run - Syncro"s explore the wilds of Latrobe on 16 Nov

Having now recovered from his camping tour with Bedpan, Syncro has now devoted some time to where and what he will do for his run.

Not wishing to intrude on Bedpan's space, the run will be at Bells Parade, Latrobe, at the normal time.

However, and that is a big HOWEVER, Syncro needs some assistance in setting the run, not having done one before, and Bedpan will be working until 5 ish.

Is there a Hasher out there willing to show a fellow hasher how to set a run?

The deal is to come back to me if you are offering, and you will need a dribble dropper, Syncro will have the flour, and set the trail any time Monday.

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