June 14, 2015

RUN 1773

Monday, 8th June, 2015

RUN:  1773

And so it came to pass that 8 or 9 hashers met at the Mersey Yacht Club.  I don't know why because it was wet, it was cold, and it was windy.   Perhaps it was the thought of enjoying some of the eats that Koff was going to provide.

Anyway, the runners decided to run to I don't know where. Word has it that GV fell flat on his face and Eagle was blown backwards. The wankers did the sensible thing by walking to Koff's place - well some started walking but soon retreated to go back and get their cars. Another sensible thought was for the wankers to call into the Edgewater Hotel for a warming drink but alas, they had just closed up. Utterley disappointed, the wankers moved on to Koff's house expecting some refreshments, but there was none until Cheeze in Crows mobile arrived.

While waiting for Cheeze, Flasher regaled all with a description of the names on the Hub - yes it was there and so was Bonor. Most hash names enscribed on the hub were remembered, as were their real names, but some were not.

Koff was getting excited by this time and brought out the pumpken soup and savoury toast without waiting for the runners - and a nice soup it was.  It was left to Dint to order and pick up Pizza's from Dominoes - they were either not very nice or there was too much - doesn't matter  - Dint's lunch on Tuesday. These were followed by lamingtons with jam and real cream.

For a change the raffle was won and won 
before the Lip -  just about everyone won a prize.

Bastard did the Lip and downs were awarded to -

Dint for setting trail, which could be followed, in extreme conditions,
. Koff for another excellent spread,
. Dint for 995 runs,
. GV for 1305 runs,
. GV for sending a txt message to Koff's landline.

The newly returned Hub was awarded to GV for reasons above, and again there was no port.

Next weeks run will be set by Cheeze from 33 Amhurst St, Ulverstone.

The following weeks run (June 22) will be set by Crow? from the Oz Rock Inn, 10 Beach Road, that's in Ulverstone as well.

The run after that (June 29) will be set by Tracka TBA.

But there is more! The run after that run will be at Tug's house of ill repute, also known as The Red Grasshopper, on 6 July.

While having a look at the front page of The Advocate this morning (tuesday after the monday run), lo and behold one could see Bonor (even from the rear you could recognize him) in his multi coloured shorts after participating in a "freezemnd" swim at the Ulverstone Surf Club beach,  And looking at another photo on Page 4, I think he was checking to see if his manlyness was still there. Done good!!

On On and I will be in Sydeny at part time hasher Herb's second wedding (stupid person) next week.


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