June 14, 2015

Update for Run 1772

Monday Night's Run (Plan B)

31st May, 2015

Hello fellow hashers,

There has been a change of plan.

Tracka’s dad died during the week and he will not be setting the run. Our condolences go to Tracka, Tinsel and their family.

Eagle is now setting the run from Mollie Malones Car Park.

The lippery (never sure how you spell that) will probably beheld in the car park at the end of the run, time, weather and Cheese permitting.
The On-On will be at Mollie’s with a set menu ~ probably Roast of the day.

The cost will be $10 and buy your own drinks (plus any extras that you choose). The balance will be subsidised by Hash (I hope).

Expect your usual text this ‘arvo.


GV on behalf of Soff

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