June 14, 2015

RUN 1772

1st June, 2015

RUN:  1772

And so it came to pass that just 6 hashers (and Bald Eagle who set the trail but had to leave) gathered in the barren grounds of Molly Malone's carpark for a run that had a changed destination as a result of Tracka's father Darbe leaving this world.

And so it was 3 runners (cheeze, Dint and GV) and 3 wankers (Crow, Eweturn and Soff) finding trail.  The runners tell me the trail went towards the River, up to the Bluff, back around some streets and to their Best ability, came down that street and found themselves back in the carpark.  Meanwhile the 3 wankers wandered down to the riverbank and just about right then, Crow found that the cold air did not agree with him and all 3 wandered back to Molly's for some comforting refreshments and  warmth on the reserved table in the name of Malcom, which included capitals and non capital letters which I cannot reproduce.

There was no lipppery because it was too cold outside and there was no raffle. 

After some time, the runners arrived and all enjoyed a roast and some had sweets - of course Dint was the first to suggest that.

We won't go on about who was not there and who wimped out but you all go on notice. The Cradle Coast Cruisers made up the numbers, with the exception of Dint - I guess we will have to accept that.

Next weeks run will be set by Dint from the MYC with the On On back at Dint's and Koff's house nearly by the river in Church St, East Devonport - just look for the cars outside - I think it's No 14 but it could be 12.

The run after that will be set by Cheeze from his house on the hill in West Ulverstone, overlooking the CBD of West Ulverstone in Amhurst St - just look for the Hawthorn paraphenalia, or the two story house, or the cars outside.

And a reminder of the LoonaR hash is on Wednesday 3 June, meeting at Otto's Grotto, Ulverstone, and afterwards at the Jade Willow in Reibey St (did you know that a  picture of Mary Reibey is on one side of the Australian $20 note).

The meal was good, Crow found a long lost former employee to chat to, and there was too many cooks in the kitchen for a Monday night but it did make nice viewing at how they made themselves look busy.

On On


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