June 14, 2015

Run 1771

MONDAY 25th May, 2015

RUN: 1771

And so approximately 16 or so Hashers, give or take a couple, gathered just across from the beach at Turners Beach at Soff and Landings house with a black tile roof, and out the front a Sydney Swans flag flying high. So high in fact that Cheeze could not see it - otherwise he may have been disrespectfull to it. We all wondered whether Cyril was still his favourite player!

At the appointed time less 2 minutes, the eager pack called On On to themselves and headed in every direction except South, because that is where they came from. The trail followed some roadway, then some beach taking a look the new riverbank stabilisation at the mouth of the Forth River, and to a mastercheck on the boat ramp. I was hoping the local ducks would be there for a feed, but they did not appear.

The trail headed South- because that's the way it went,  through Gables Park and back North again to pick up previously set trail from a couple of weeks ago. After deciding that the fresh trail was the way to go, it ventured along Susan St to a master check outside Gazzunders house, who apparently refused to come out.

Then onwards past Maggies side entrance to his still in progress sub-division and found a master check and HHH for the Wankers.  The runners found some more trail towards Ulverstone until a HHH was located at the end of Lethborg Ave nearly on the beach.  And surprise surprise, all got back to the house across from the beach at the same time and Cheeze had some help carrying in the Hash Hops.

After a suitable time the Lippery got going with Bastard doing the honours.
Downs were awarded to -

. Soff for a fine run considering it was the 3rd run in Turners Beach in a short time,
. GV for 1303 runs,
. Pioneer for 404 runs,
. Dint for 993 runs (he is being given some practice for a forthcoming high number
. Koff for 522 runs,
. Maggie for being the biggest loser,
. Crab for being the second biggest loser,
. Eweturn for not cleaning up trail from 2 weeks ago,
. Cheeze for not putting on Facebook that the Hawks lost to the Swans.

Landing put on a great spead with soup (there was none left from a big pot), a range of meats and a special potato bake, and a rasbery jam tart with icecream.  Pretty good really.

The Hub is still missing so that means that Bonor must be still missing. Perhaps he could post it back?

GA and Fanny May are still away somewhere apparently.  But Crow was everywhere proudly showing off the expert needlework on his chest, as a result of his recent operation and he is getting his hairy chest back as well.  He is coming good but it is taking time - and we know Crow does not like having to sit around.  But he did sit around the fireboxes in the back yard keeping warm.

The raffles were won and won and nearly everyone won a prize.

The next LunaR Hash is coming up on Wed 3 June, meeting at Otto's Grotto, near the Yacht Club in Ulverstone, and afterwards at the Jade Willow - that's a Chinese eating house next to the Post Office in Ulverstone as well.

But before that, next weeks run will meet at the carpark  behind the Netball courts at Spreyton, and On On-ing at TT's house on the hill in Tarleton. We need more hashers to host runs after that - what can you do?

On On


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