May 20, 2015

18th May, 2015

RUN:  1770

And so it came to pass that about 14 hashers give or take approximately, met at the house approximately half way up the hill in East Devonport.  At the appointed time approximately, the Trail Master, with some urging from other hashers, called On On.

The trail went approximately around and about the wonderful surrounds of East Devonport, mainly keeping to the undulating parts, so the Hashers missed the sublime views from the top of the steep bits. On around the waterfront and through the carpark of the Yatch Club (for the runners that was, and dislectics) and back to Eagles abode. Don't know where the wankers went.  But I do know that Dint went missing for most of the run - we suspect that he went looking for some East Devonport Football Club players to sign up for Geelong!

Before the Lip had commenced, TT thanked Lantern for such a wonderful run - well, she is blonde.

Dint did the Lip because it was his turn. Downs were awarded to -

. Bald Eagle (that's Eagles real name) for such a wonderful trail,

. Lantern - 645 runs,

. Soff - 790 runs,

. Loosers of the week - Maggie May and Bastard,

. Crow - for being there and drinking soffties,

. Not odd sox show and tell - GV and Tracka,  jeez just about our most experienced hashers and they got it wrong,

. And various other downs which I could not understand. One which I did understand included for language phrased inappropriately. The silent majority are rising and taking offence at language used in the past and now!. Take note Dint!

The Hub is still missing and so is Bonor - wonder where it and he is?  Talk to us!  We miss you.

The raffles were won and won and Cheeze won a prize, finally.  He really showed some exurberance. Prizes were sourced this time from Shitloads and there were plenty of them. Crow won won too - a multi tool.  Perhaps he may be able to use it to keep his new oink oink replacement part (that's part of his heart you dickheads) in full working order and we are sure that 1080 will be pleased about that.  It may be useful for the Harley as well.

There still has been no updates of the whereabouts of GA and Fanny May?  Talk to us! We miss you as well.

Next weeks run will be in the heart of the seagull territory at 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach, right opposite the OC Ling Caravan Park, and in case you miss that, there will be a Swans flag flying out front - not that you can see it in the dark. Wonder if I can find some virgin hashing territory after recent runs by Maggie and Eweturn. Landing has a special menu in place.

While TT and Tracka have been mentioned in this missive,   the next day I drove the Cancer car to L'ton and back. Called into the Latrobe Hospital Emergency to drop of a passenger and lo and behold, there was TT  inside the entrance,  walking with a paper folder all of the unknown kms she talked about during the Lip. But wait, there is more, On calling in at home for a wee break and a snack, there was Tracka doing things to my computor.  How about that!

On On

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