May 18, 2015

4th May, 2015

RUN:  1768

Once in a while the planets line up and Dport Hash and LunaR Hash cum together. And so 20 or so hashers, including a sprinkling of Burnie hashers,  met at the Elimatta Hotel to howl at the moon. At the non-appointed time of 6.30, the hashers got impatient and found trail, without waiting for the Central Coast Cruisers, who included the Trail Master but not Crow.

The trail went up river past the new Harbourmasters coffee place, a check was on the ferry wharf, runners one way and the wankers the other way, around and about the CBD and up and down the stairs past Lantern's 2nd home (did I see Tim Berwicks name in the Advocate as winning a major raffle at the RSL) and back to the Eli in time to place orders for meals and drinks.

Due to considerations of other diners at the Eli, the normal Lip did not take place - only the abnormal down for GV for 1300 runs.  Done good.

The meals were great, the drinks were cold, and everyone went home by 8.45 - piss poor.

The Cradle Coast Cruises held a speaker phone conversation with Crow on the way to Hash and he told us that he should be home by Tuesday afternoon - the way the weather was we wondered whether he made it - he and 1080 did!  He also tells us that he has to make some serious, I mean serious life changing decisions.

Next weeks run is at The Berry Patch, Blackburn Drive, Turners Beach set by Eweturn.  On On is at Eweturns sheep station at 210 Westella Drive, Turners Beach, the last house on the left on the Ulverstone side of Poyntons Nursery (or ewesed to be).

On On


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