May 18, 2015

27th April, 2015

RUN:  1767

And so it came to pass that 18 or so intrepid hashers journeyed nearly to the otherside of the planet to Ratchet and Knickers place at Isandula Heights. Pity it was dark so we could not see the spectacular view from the Heights. Really really spectacular I am told.

At the appointed time + 5 minutes to allow for those that may have had some difficulty in finding the run (the address in the last run report was wrong - just), the pack and Ali the dog set off seeking to find Robin Hood and his band of merry men in the forests surounding Isandula Heights.

It was not a pity that it was dark on this run because the pack could not see how steep - that is up and down and up and down, the trail was.  And because it was dark - the walking wankers missed their trail and followed the runners trail until they decided enough was enough and headed home.

And back at the ranch, Knickers and Ratshit (sorry I mean Ratchet) plied the hashers with Soup/Snags/hamburgers/salads/potato bake and finished off with Apple Crumble.  All this held in the back passage - that is, the garage.

As Bastard (and Pioneer) were safely back from Vietnam, he called the Lip. Downs were awarded to -
. Ratchet for setting a totally confusing run,
. Bedpan - 49 runs just for practice,
. Dint - 990,
. Overdose - 10,
. Pioneer -- 400,
. Ratchet - 169 for practice,
. Soff - 787,
. Thrust - 303,
. D.T. - 33,

A new hasher came along with Bedpan (she had a wonderful accent). Her name was Nerida and was promptly named "Tea Bag". While this naming was being held, Bedpan was heard to say  "that she had never had so much meat since she had a boyfriend".

Downs were also given to Cheeze, Dint and Soff for supporting loosing AFL teams.

The Hub is still missing and so is Bonor so it was re-awarded to him.  The raffle was run and won by everyone except Cheeze.

Next week's run is a combination run with LoonR hash meeting at the carpark opposite the Elimatta Hotel in Devonport. No Hash Cash to be paid but buy your own meal and drinks at the Ali after the howling run.

For those that left early from Isandula Heights - you missed out on the bad and the good.  It was bad that Ratchet had no port - but it was good that he had plenty of Bailey's Irish Cream. A special night in the country.

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