May 18, 2015

11th May, 2015

RUN:  1769

And so it came to pass that about 14 or so Hashers met outside the Turners Beach Berry Patch in complete darkness (the shop was shut) and milled around and around because they were early - and so were the Cradle Coast Cruisers - all the way from the other side of the railway line. Crow was there in spirit!

The combined trail headed East towards the Forth River (that's the one after the Third) until a mastercheque (no - Captain Crab was not there)  where the runners headed South into the bush and the wankers crossed the railway line in a Northerly direction - no trains were seen coming in their direction,  inspecting a new residential development (not Maggie's) and found themselves on Susan St heading West, then South, then East past the front door of Maggie's house and through the bush back to the cars.

While all this was happening, the runners, after escaping from the bush, crossed the Forth River (just before before the Fifth) on a bridge - did you know there are 4 bridges right at that point, and headed up to Braddons Lookout to take in the view. They told anyone who listened that the view was special!

Each group arrived back about the same time, well, GV set the run and what would you expect!  Hashers then made their way to the Eweturn Sheep Station's staff quarters where the wood fired fire box had been lit earlier in the day so it was a comfy place. 

When all had replaced the lost fluids (read sweat) of the run, Bastard did the Lip because Dint was not there, and neither was Koff.

Downs were celebrated -

. Eweturn for the bestest spread,
. GV for setting the run,
. Overdose for 11,
. Ratchet for 171,
. Soff for 789,
. Eweturn for 30,
. Bald Eagle because he was sitting in a corner by himself,
. Lantern for wearing a St Kilda tee-shirt still looking new from the 60's,
. Lantern for wearing apparently new shoes - he had put them into his washing machine and Tracka had to down.

I was all set to give Dint a down but he was not there. I was listening to him on 7AD on the radio at 10.25am on last Saturday when I spotted Dint coming out of Hungry Jacks with food. How can it be that he can be in two places at once? And for the food - Koff was in Hobart.

The raffle was won and won  by everyone except Cheez - and he let it be know that it was now 4 weeks since he won won.

Bonor is still missing and so is the Hub, and for that matter, so is Fanny May. But the word is that all will be back soon. No word to us of how GA in travelling.

Bastard also spoke about serious issues such as this years "Tour de Piss", do we want to conduct it?  In previous years it has not been well supported by DH3 but other Hash groups like to come along. Have a think about it!

And Bastard continued with suggestions of weekends away ie Tullah, Waratah, Corinna, Queenstown or anywhere else. Another think!.

Our missing hasher Crow is recovering well at home.  So much so that visitors have commented that he is looking really well, one even commented that it was the best that he had looked for years. Welcome back out of the danger zone Crow!

Next weeks run will be at Bald Eagles, 25 Torquay Road, East Devonport, parking and entry in the side street on the left before.

Cuming runs are -

25 May - Soff and Landings at 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach,
 1  June - Tracka TBA.

And we need more! What can you do!!!!!

A very comfortable and enjoyable evening with Eweturn and her lapdog at the Station.  There may be another run before she relocates to smaller premises so that her kids can't come back.

And one day, GA or Fannie May will put these run reports on the Blog - we wait in anticipation so that other Hashers in other Hash groups can read all about how DH3 is such a wonderful Hash!

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