April 5, 2009

Montezuma Falls HOFT weekend

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Dinis photos above (yes, I had Flasher's here... Flasher's are now <here> now for the HashSpacers). My photos are <below>!

Safely back from our adventure I can now report that all survived and that Flasher has redeemed himself. Well, as for the walk itself he has redeemed himself. He did make the necessary stuff ups of course, but that was probably just to maintain his reputation... the same reputation he is trying to shake.

Anyway, all punters showed up exactly at the right time for a timely departure. Even Dyke came on time, knowing firsthand what the torture of waiting for late friends feels like - see recent mini HOFT report.

At Roseberry bakery we caught up with the shoddy Launy contingent who arrived in various states of sobriety, especially one, Tiles, who rebelled so much at the sight of coffee that he had to dispose of it by exploding it all over PhayWray. The walk to the falls was as promised. Gentle and scenic, complete with an unlit spider infested mine-shaft, plenty of fungus and even a leech! The falls provided us with viewing pleasures. Despite the falls everybody was busy taking photos of each other as we ate and drank alcoholic beverages. Tiles, now suffering from DTs as he departed with only one beer on the trail, tried to dispose of GoneAgain's liquor stash by liberally sprinkling it on the nearby vegetation. Maybe he should've tried it first. Other tourists were scared and hastily retreated trying not to show fear or revolt – after Dyke expressed his desire to fell a huge tree to enhance the view. Ten points for tactics. 

Flasher ensured that every potentially serene moment in the rainforest was hijacked by a musical interruption with his WB anthem – thanks Dini for giving him the battery operated toys. All battery operated toys, whether it emits noise or good vibrations ought to be banned in Hash, we do a good enough job ourselves.

Puss in Boots tried to rescue the one leech and lovingly cared for it for 45 minutes before dropping it on the trail where it would surely be stepped on. Down downs were had by all and we soon made our way to Queenstown to sort out our accommodation. A night of pool, loud music and interesting locals followed the pub dinner, and the evening culminated in impromptu pre-bed drinks in the party room; Tiles's room. GoneAgain was evicted earlier from said room and was lovingly accepted as a lost stray by Giggles (with an S). Dyke had pleasant dreams of the lesbian inclined local women that helped us win at pool by distracting their men using their oozing sexuality (oozing soon turned into vomiting for one of the poor darls when she went for a smoko outside).

Breakfast was served at a respectable time thanks to the timely end of Eastern Australian Summer Time. The cooked breaky with instant coffee was included in the price of $50 per room which turned out to really mean $50 per person. Flasher re-negotiated and re-clarified the room-rate and we were graciously given the favourable flat rate of $35 per person, which the owner seemed to think would surely put him into bankruptcy – despite the fact we ate and drank there all last night. Smeg thought the double room he was in was free and escaped the scene still drunk before dawn. Incidentally Smeg totally missed the HOFT as he had to drive around Tasmania a couple of times and only arrived after dinner...

After a walk around rainy Queenstown we made our way to Nelson Falls, half an hour further South,before heading back to Tullah for lunch. Draughts and chess, beer and coffee, and on to the Moose Farm for footy...

GoneAgain---- Mr Gone Again to you!

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