April 13, 2009

Next Run at Poxy and PBs

Next run at  Poxys in Cambridge Ct, Devonport, off Eugene Street...

Guardsvan's Run was well set, but the fact the good crowd drank less than a case of stubbies (and a few cans I suppose) was most disappointing. Especially disappointing considering half the Burnie crew showed up and Puss in Boots from Launy (who incidentally drank her fair share, to be fair).

You can click and drag the map and use the wheel to zoom in and out:
I didnt quite run to the end, as I was fooled into believing there was nothing further up the road... and I had coughed enough for one night:

Date:4/13/09 6:49 pm
Distance:4.02 km
Avg Pace:10:04 / km
Avg Speed:5.96 km/h
Climbed:98 m (all up)
Calories Burned:275

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