April 19, 2009

Highland Fling 2009

Before you get too excited a reminder for our next run: April 20th, Monday 6.30pm: Poxy and PB, Eugene Street, Devonport. Don’t forget your torch and probably an umbrella as Poxy's run are best run in rain... OK, you can now read on about the HL fling '09:

9th Highland Fling. Update no.1

When - June 5 (Friday) - June 7 (Sunday)

Where - Great Lake Hotel, 3096 Marlborough Hwy, Miena 7030 Ph (03) 6259 8163

How do I get there

Drive towards the big bit of water in the centre of the island or alternatively, have a look at Google Maps.

Cost - $ 65 (Saturday accommodation only) , additional nights ie Friday & Sunday $ 20 per night

What do I get

  • Badge and Gift
  • Probably a Piss Stop
  • Gourmet BBQ or sausages in bread dependant on Tucker F*ckers
  • Some extra drinks
  • 2 course Dinner (Buy ya own drinks)
  • Bed on Saturday night, piece of floor or someone else’s bed
  • Optional Nude Run Sunday breakfast (cook ya own)
  • Full Moon/Recovery Run Sunday 11.30am – BBQ & some drinks

What time do I have to be there – Saturday 12 noon registration for 1.30pm Run

What else

  • Run only Saturday ie no Accommodation or dinner $ 25
  • Run only Sunday $ 15
  • Camp/Caravan Sites are available for $20 per night. You will need to contact Kaylee - 6259 8163 at the hotel to arrange this as this will need to be paid to them direct. Cost of Saturday will reduce to $45 if you avail yourself of this option.

When do I need to book and pay

  • Deposit of $20 per person to Hash Cash by April 23, 2009
  • Balance to be paid by May 28, 2009
  • If you have not paid by this date you cannot cum.

What do I need to bring

  • Food and Drinks for - Friday night, Saturday breakfast, Sunday night
  • Kilt and any other Scottish paraphernalia you can think of (Glenfiddich, Lagavulan, Tennants Lager etc.)
  • Runners (shoes)
  • Cash for Saturday night drinks
  • Torch – don’t want to get lost in the dark and end up in the wrong room by mistake
    Other clothing (optional)
  • Snow Shoes
  • Video camera for later extortion attempts

What don’t I need to bring - First aid kit for injuries running on rocks

For more information or queries contact your friendly JMs Sweet FA or Pole
Dancer: POLE DANCER 0408310339 SWEET FA 0408196486

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