November 12, 2008

STOP PRESS Burnie Hash Birthday Run

This special mid-week trash is to wish Burnie Hash 'happy birthday', for it was 30 years ago today that a pack of thirteen unsuspecting men (and two suspect visitors) followed a trail of flour set by a couple of demented hares around the rural setting of West Ridgley.

In those 30 years since, we have seen a chainsaw massacre at Mooreville Road Hall, Viking longboats, near drownings, Effie the Emu, topless waitresses, hot tubs, two-tonne barbecues, waterfalls, Hash Hotline (315 665), snow, gunge, runs with no pack, runs with no hare, nasally-expelled tea, Cheveaux Road (8km to go), frogs legs, exploding concrete, Slice 'n' Fry, bogged cars, bogged mobile postcodes, mirror balls, chariots, weddings, dogs, buses, trains, floating doors, four Hashits, shiggy, beer-dispensing urinals, the Dial Range in complete darkness (twice) and so much more.

We have welcomed new members and farewelled old members. We have consumed a lake of beer and ginger beer and cooked kilometres of sausages. Many thousands of words have been put to print - some intelligent, some unintelligible.
And so it continues tonight with a special pearl anniversary run set by our esteemed Grand Master from the Moose Farm at 448 West Mooreville Road, Burnie. Trail starts at 6.30 pm for a short r*n, long on on, and a trawl through the old trashes (why buy toilet rolls?) and Burnie Hash Relics. See our collection of sepia pictures featuring strangely familiar thin-looking hashers wearing tight shorts, body-hugging bonds tees and KT26 joggers. And if that’s not enough to get you along on a Wednesday night, there’s free beer and food!

Bring a hat, mug, joke, friend, piece of wood for the Herr Flick memorial fire pot and wear pearl jewellery of your choice.

On! on! To the next 30 years!

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