November 11, 2008

CF Run Report

This run was sponsored by Contours, the women’s gym in Devonport. Dressed up as doctors and nurses we made our way to the Ulverstone ambulance station where ComeAgain measured our vitals. This was not all, we were made to drink hospital strength sustagen before being released. Next stop was at the amphitheatre for a TUC/TUB examination by a dandy looking Highbeam dressed up as nurse. For those not in the know, a TUC Examination is a Totally Unnecessary Chest examination, guess the B for TUB. Before being molested we had to run around the amphitheatre whilst breathing through a straw.

Crow provided the meal free of charge and all monies paid and raised in the raffle went to CF Tasmania! More then $400 was raised!

Dyke was the first to win a scratchy lottery ticket he won in the raffle. He is still looking for Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy required to claim!

GoneAgain and Thrust showed the Coughing the Distance documentary in which they starred. To donate money to CF Tasmania go to or call 1800 232 823. Photos are being processed at the pharmacy...

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