November 26, 2008


Just a short report from the most reluctant new OnSec in a long list of reluctant OnSecs of DH3.

The AGM at Cheese’s place was up to his usual high standard with plenty of food and drink. The weather was kind to us although there were a couple of fleeting isolated showers. Tasmania’s weather at its unpredictable best. Flasher can’t believe that hashers standing right next to him didn’t even feel the rain.

As Poxie had done such a hashing good job as GM during the last year he was re-elected unopposed and proceeded to take nominations for the rest of the much sought after positions. Voting was fast and furious and the results are as follows :

Trailmaster : Maggie

Proxy Trailmaster : Cheese

Hash Lip :  Who

Lower Lip :  Foghorn

On Sec : Bald Eagle

Hash Cash :  Bastard

Hash Flash  :  Gone Again

Hash Hops : Flasher

Hash Gash :  Speed Hump

Hash Marriage Guidance Counsellor :  Mabel

Hash Monk : Ringo

Hash Thief  :  Killer

Beer Bitch :  Hand Job

Snail Trailmaster :  Pioneer

Proxy Snail Trailmaster  : Feels on Wheels

Outgoing Joint Masters Cheese and Dint deliberated for at least ten seconds before announcing that Black Tracka and Foghorn would takeover the most demanding roles for 2008/09. Congratulations to new JMs Tracka and Foghorn, I bet you make sure you are at the next AGM.


Next week’s run (01/12/08) is to be set by Skid at 2 Madeline Rd Eugenana. Lets hope he knows.

Keep an eye on the Blog for any changes.


On On




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