November 20, 2008

Prickles Update 2

Looks like Prickles and Co. made it to the Clark River by 3pm yesterday and called it a day. Today they climbed another couple of hundred meters up, crossed some remote loggging tracks and now seem to be heading for Purgatory Creek where they ought to get in time for an early dinner. To get to Purgatory Creek they need to cross one more small ridge this afternoon and cross the Kelly Basin Road which runs down from Lake Burbuy, about 50 kilometers south from Queenstown. They are probaly dreaming to find some ranger in a Hilux with a case of Cascade, VB, hell, even XXXX or anything cold really. They would have covered about 20kilometers of untrodden wilderness by today.
Update: Looks like they did not make it. They got to within 1 kilometre from Kelly Basin Road and called it a day when they got to the last ridge at 6pm. Imagine battling through thick scrub and horizontal woods for 10 hours and only cover 6 lousy kilometers. Last Sunday's HOFT team can begin to imagine, and they are still stiff from it even though they did not carry backpacks! Here is their altitude profile for today, their fourth day.
Track them <here>.

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