November 25, 2008

AGP at Cheese's

Ulverstone West sure has a great beach to run on.

After watching a train roll past we mounted the tracks and followed the flour trail home with keenly tuned ears.

The Grandmaster was well equipped for the AG Pissup, complete with a Mickey Mouse raincoat which kept him dry throughout the many beer assaults. Detailed results of the election as soon as the new OnSec (Eagle) emails them to trash at! Somehow we managed to attract a healthy contingent of Burnie Hashers who got fobbed off with some of the more challenging positions - like Ringo who managed to get the Hash Monk position.

The new beer bitch, HandJob, on the job as the new lip, Who, who tries his best to intimidate the pack of rebellious hasher to no avail. Who is the new lip. I don't know. Who is.
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