November 23, 2008

Prickles Satellite Update

Pricles got her messages of support!

The weather has been constantly wet as predicted, all gear soaked, today some respite and campsite looks like Chinese laundry. Terrain & views limited to a metre or so since Sth Darwin due to dense scrub (Banksias etc), been doing a lot of rock climbing, scrambling, vertical ascents & descents etc. Views improving now they are on Engineers Range. 

Individual feedback: Paul - hard, testing; Simon - now nothing else can frighten me; Sue - must review the Morris holiday brochure; Maureen - the boys are brilliant navigators, thank God for gloves and anti-inflammatory drugs; Cynthia - I'm still here; Jason - I am still dragging SPOT around. The equipment holding up well, GPS often a problem due to canopy, scrub etc. The day they tackled Sth Darwin was very dangerous and absolutely horrendous. 

Next sat. telephone update 26 November. Updates usually <here> and progress map (SPOT); <here>.

On ya Prickles!

Check out these distances travelled per day! We thought 1km/hour was slow on Flasher's HOFT!
17/11/08 - 5.23kms
18/11/08 - 4.85kms
19/11/08 - 2.53kms
20/11/08 - 4.04kms
21/11/08 - 4.57kms
22/11/08 - 5.57kms
23/11/08 - 1.93kms

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