May 6, 2008

The Great Race

Yeah, no, nice, different, unusual.

A small step for mankind, a giant leap for hash! We were expected to read and write on the run. Pitchdark, no light on me either. I set off with Flasher who figured we should just do the first question and then retire to OzRock for a few refreshing ales after which we could just have a stab at guessing the answers. This was not to be. The second part of The Race was not issued to us until we got to town where we were forced to swallow. Yeah, no, nice, different, unusual. It was Sambucca, but most of us thougt it was cough medicine. At that point we were also outfitted with a new warderobe. Flasher got into his tight dress backwards. The next phase of The Race included Woolies and Coles where Dint did not want to wear a dress, so he took it off! I only hope he wore clean panties. We did a quick price-check on essential items such as overnight pads. Flasher and I got the cheapest prices in town on the items as I flashed my shareholders and frequent shopping card. At The Lighthouse, where we had to find answers to intimate matters, we concluded that the waitress did not wear panties, not after Flasher begged for them to take them off so he could get the only right answer. Bald Eagle was afraid of heights and did not go into the rocket, but Dyke did. Thruster was in her element in the rocket and went up twice - still she wanted more.

There could only be one winner, so when Flasher and I, us two being the most correct team had the final stand-off, I came out on top. This is because I had experience with a long schlong and got the ball to the door first with my stretchy pantyhose. Flasher innately took his ball to the backdoor.

So we walked/jogged 6.43 kilometers at an average of 4.7 km/hr....


PS Don't start expecting runs or run reports like this too often!

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