May 10, 2008


Getting into prickly situations?

Did you get the dreaded email or SMS with the much sought after "I'd hit that" subject? Apparently all of our email boxes and phones are getting flooded with "I'd hit that" messages. We are on the brink of a social revolution. Some of us still refuse to 'cross that line', will you be left untouched or will they miss out?

This message to urge us Hashers to stay in line and ignore all those requests for our bodies! does not accept any liability for diseases, pregnancies, losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, that you may suffer as a result of articles on this website or reliance upon any information provided. We also disclaim any responsibility or liability in respect of agreements made between Hashers and Harriettes, Hashers and Hashers, Harriettes and Harriettes, donkeys, horses or or any other objects of potential desire.

PS. What is this all about? Read on!

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