April 21, 2015

Monday 9th March, 2015

Subject: Run 1760

And it was off to the far flung fields of Parramatta Creek Rest Area for Monday's run.   You know,  the car park there is quite substantial and quite easily held the vehicles of the 12 or so committed hashers.  That is, along with a few other suspect cars, vans and utes that seemed to be making it their accomodation place for the night  As it turned out they were apple pickers working on the nearby plantation - well there is a toilet,  BBQ  and water available.

And so, for a change, the Crowmobile was early and I was able to call on on. The trail was found somewhere in the grass, then on to the highway heading towards Deloraine, only to find an arrow pointing over a rather large gutter and into an apple orchard.  I do remember Dint and Koff exclaiming rather loudly before the run that do not pick any apples - some hashers must have had a selective hearing problem. The one's on the ground were not mentioned.

And so it was that the trail wound around and around and around  the orchard, only to wend it's way back to where the trail started.  I have never seen so many apple tree's laden with so many apples!  It's a big place and because it is hidden behind trees, when passing by in a vehicle you cannot see how big it really is.

Dint performed the Lip and also set the run - wow!

Some of the downs were -

. Crow  799 just  for practice,
. Lantern 636 reversible,
. Maggie May 390,
. Lantern, went down the Wunners trail,
. Lantern, did not call on on when on trail.

It might be mentioned here that the Crowmobile picked up Lantern pretending to be a hitchhicker along  the highway near his home so there was no threat to his driving license.

We were also graced by the visiting attendance of former Hobart Hasher Azaria, now in Launceston who came by to check us out.

The raffles were wun and run - I was rewarded with some chok o late and Crow received a bottle of "Fat Bastard" Pinoir Noir.

At this point I have to mention that only 4 hashers responded to Guardsvan's txt that they were cumming. So we have to acknowledge the intuition of Koff by providing sufficient wholesome and filling foodstuffs to cater for the angry hords - and there was enough left over for Dint and Koff for a couple of lunches. All this while some wanker phones were disturbing the tranquillity.

Next weeks run is listed to be set by Capt Crab, probably at Otto's Grotto but he was not there to confirm - there was a Cruise ship in at Burnie and he was probably tired and emotional after a few hours of talking and driving.  Someone will tell everybody  where everyone should go to!

And that some one will not be me because I  am on the Spirit on Wednesday 11 March heading off the the Ulysses (old Farts who ride Motorcycles) Club AGM at Wodonga - via Adelaide and Broken Hill with 8 other members. The pink toe nails are done and the Goldwing is just about packed.  Remember, it is not just the destination but enjoy the journey.    Back  31th of March.

Maybe even cross paths with Gone Again and supporters on their journey - Nice pic in the Advocate today.

Cheers and may your glass be alway half full!


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