April 23, 2015

Monday 13th April, 2015

Subject: Run 1765

And so about 14 or thereabouts hashers met at the house on the hill. GV called order and explained the trails for the nights run(s). There was a Long Run heading South, a Medium Run heading West and a Short Run heading North - and Hashers could combine any or all of them, all leaving from the Mastercheck in front of the Forth Pub. And the fourth option was to go straight to the pub. Geez it was half a run just getting there! 

 Don't know if anyone did  combine but Dint made a lot of comment about it accusing GV of getting the numbers wrong. The William Street hill heading up past Killer's house does not get any easier after enjoying the scenic beauty of Forth.

GV's feast of chips and cut sausages and onion stew and more onions and even more onions proved very popular with Flasher in that other Hashers contributed their left over onions to his plate.  But before that there was soup, and after that there was cake.

Triple Top arrived in time without getting lost and regailed us all with her stories of peddling across the Nullabor and completing the journey to Albany.  Gone Again is now walking somewhere between Albany and Perth continuing building awareness of CF.

Downs were awarded by Dint (because Bastard was in Vietnam) to -

. Flasher 545 runs,
. Koff 520 runs,
. Triple Top and Ewe Turn welcomed back after a great adventure,
. Something about AFL losers - Carlton, Geelong and Hawthorn supporters,
. Tinset Tits - something about being on Inflamatories,
. Soff got one for being away on his motorbike for the last month,
. And Foghorn got one for going away for some months.

It was a cool night but GV's heater worked well in the confines of the house on the hill's entrance foyer - suitably protected.

The Hub was not sighted as Bonor still has it and he has not been sighted for a while.

Next weeks run is at Soff and Landings place at 40 Esplanade, Turners Beach 7315 in North West Tasmania.  Maggie will set the run and Landing will provide her usual excellent fare. I guess I will just help with the cooking.  And checking how our new patio screens keep the coolness away. But there will be fireboxes and coloured lights!

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