April 21, 2015

When:                  Monday 30th March 5.90 for 6.45 start.
Where:                 Lantern’s Place, Stony Rise Road, D’port (near Lawrence Drive junction)
Hare:                     Lantern
Specifics:             Bring change of footwear.

Run 1762

13 Handy Rashers fronted the starting tape at Penguin Basketball Stadium. Bastard put us through the hoops with a mad dash around the mountain bike course. There were more twists and turns that an Agatha Christie novel. Cheese thought he had been on the “turps” because he kept seeing Eweturns every few metres. In fact there was only one of her.
The on-on was enjoyed by all. Thank you Pioneer and Bastard.

Our condolences to Eagle and family on the death of his father.



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