November 21, 2013

AGM cummin to SURFCLUB

Despite a rainy week the Hash Monk did a great job giving us a summery day to run Hash. GoneAgain enthusiastically laid trail with a 10kg flour supply on his electric bike, but not before burning the boogers and snags on the barbie. FannyMay hid the burned barbie remains in the oven as the pack took off on the 6.1km runners trail and the extended 5km walkers stroll.

FannyMay worked her magic with food and presented everything complete with chips, candies, salads, eggs, everything to make a good feed for the 20+ hungry hashers. Fabulous prizes were won in the raffle and especially FannyMay was pleased to have won the mystery Express Parcel Delivery with her Elf Suit in it, she could just imagine Dint accidentally winning it.


Crow is setting the run from the Devonport Surf Club BBQ area, park in the carpark next to the caravan park, behind the surf club, adjacent to the playground and perpendicular to that other little building... If you're still not sure, it is 2.5km from Rooke Street Mall, and Google Map directions are <here>.

Be there with a straight face at 630pm. If you are absent rest assured you will be elected for the worst positions.
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