September 29, 2013


The football colours came out along with a large crowd , ready to cheer the player they picked from Dint’s wrigged Brownlow medal raffle. Tug and de Brie turned up for their annual run. Highbeam, Truck F*cker and Dip Tits arrived from their Northern Territory adventure.
The night started peacefully with a good pack at the gate of Cheese’s place , the dogs were on the leads, but Poxie had his mutt on the wrong lead and nearly scratched someone’s car to bits: a law suit has started, so no names can be mentioned.
Off they went , but very soon the walkers came back wanting to get into the hot food , before the runners arrived . Waiting for the Hot little Boys , Hot Pies and good old footy tucker to get warm , everyone enjoyed a cold ale , dint’s lippery and a very good wrigged waffle. Dint told everyone, to watch him on TV as he stars next to Fast Eddie and that Eddie said he has a face that would be suited for TV , Then Dint had to tell him they knocked him back for a spot on the Mole.
The older perverted hashers missed all of the food , as they were too busy watching the pretty young girls on the red carpet, dreaming of the day , that it could have been them there.
The count started , the cheers and the boo’s could be heard all over the place and soon as round 5 started and they knew  that the $2.00 they had invested , was gone.
The excitement continued all through the count, until the last vote , Garry had won , Maggie had won the money , but poor Maggie missed the lot , found sound asleep behind the couch .
The brownlow now done and dusted for another year , but we will still have to put up with Cheese , telling everyone how good the hawks are.

Next weeks run is at Poxie’s place . normal time 6.30ish.
No muffins as PB’s away , so BYO .



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