September 19, 2013


It all started out a rather pleasant Monday , then it started to rain . Flasher said , I am not setting trail in this , so as all intelligent hasher would do , set a paper trail.
While UFO slaved over a hot stove, preparing  the gourmet meal for the nights feast , Flasher went off to work and let her to do everything .  
The trail set out from Ottos Grotto, to the Big clock , then onto Furners Hotel Bottleshop to say hello to Flasher. On they ran as the walkers arrived at the bottlshop . The runners headed off to the new train bridge and the walkers were HHH back to UFO. The runners said no trains , but  the note said go back to the Bottleshop : this they did only to open another note to say go back to the clock. On arrival at the clock , dizzy from the backward and forward running , the final note said , go to OZ Rock Inn or wimp out and HHH home. All wimped out, and onto the UFO abode they drove. Ufo cooked up a storm for 20 odd hashers , only to find 9 hashers did the run . The party started when Flasher arrived home , only to see half of the group going home and the other half ready to party. Drinks were gathered from Flashers private collection , as Cheese , took all the grog with him when he departed. The TV was the entertainment when Crow suggested we watch Housos . Maggie went to sleep, Crow was still laughing and Soff wanted to know if some of them were hashers. Leftovers are on the menu , with Cheese booking in for a free lunch.
Next week’s run is from Cheese’s House. Dress up in your footy gear , bring money for the yearly Brownlow Medal count .  
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