September 1, 2013

Cistern's Blue Hash

GoneAgain's run at Fanny May's place was another great success, with a run around the beach to the Bluff and we saw The Spirit of Tasmania sailing out to sea. Fanny May's food was the worst ever in her opinion, but none of us noticed that it was not on par. Smiles all around.

Tour de Pisse 2013 was another huge success with plenty of superior paraphernalia to go around, good sunny weather,  and a good turn-up of around 40 keen runners. The OnOn at Boner's new place was much appreciated by us, and less so by his neighbours, the hotel patrons across the open-sewerage and the landlords who will one day find the empties on the roof.

Now, on to business. Once in a blue moon we have a second full moon in the month. So this week we have a what we shall refer to as a Blue Hash Run, as we are having the second Hash run for the week. Call it the Tour de Pisse recovery run if you have a problem with that: Cistern's place, Monday 2 September 630pm from Walton Street, Penguin (don't park on Mission Hill Road).
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