December 16, 2011

Scaring the Platipii

Guess what, Bald Eagle is the best looking Hasher in this line-up!

Back to business... Dint's run at Shales Road, that is from the END of the road, started with a long false trail, followed by a washed away bridge. As the pack was split by a lake, both sides on flour, the On-Ons echoed over the lake and through the virginal forest. Platipii were seen swimming away. The runners had taken off up the hill, and three Wannabee runners tred softly behind as the walkers simply followed the gravel road home.

The Three Wannabees arrived 20 minutes after the rest of the pack, as they simply forgot to run on the runners trail. Some of the less devoted Hashers took on Mexican duties instead of running and gave the Coronas a good run for their money.   Tucker and Raffle was great, beer was plentiful.

Next run is the Devonport Hash Christmas Run!

  • Burnie Hash's infamous Christmas R*n on Sunday December 18th leaves from The Makers Workshop car park at 5pm, with the On On at Urang and Phay Wray's house. Dress in your best Christmas attire, bring a plate of festive food to share and a wrapped gift value approx. $8, so you can sit on Santa Phay's lap and jingle her bells. Bring extra drinks for a big night out.
  • Next Devonport Hash on Monday 19th, 6.30pm starting from the picnic shelter at the Forth football ground. Bring food and gifts...
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