December 8, 2011

Killer's Hill

Killer's runs always are pretty popular. No one ever knows exactly what it is about Killer's place, it certainly isn't the running around Forth. We went up one hill, down the same way, up the next hill and down the same way. Dini kept her runkeeper on for another hour to get some more distance, and so she tallied up 4.8 kilometers for our up-and-downhill effort.

LB made sure we all got really well fed, which reminded us why we love Killer's runs so much. It isn't just the rustique historic Grange Surrounds. Coffee surprised us as the mega coffee machine has been retired. Yes guys, it was still present but the complex machinery that sends out jets of steams, vibrates the house, rattles the teeth, and breathes black fire with its rotary pump, heat exchanger and brass piped "sex" part of the coffee industry. It was replaced by a humble looking, no fuss no mess, but very effective little Nespresso machine (check Aldi's imitation if you happen to go to the mainland).

Next run set by Dint from Myrtle Hole along Shale Road out of Latrobe close to the Platypus viewing area.

Now for the BIG NEWS :

Xmas Run - 19th December @ Forth football ground @ 6.30pm.
  • Dress: 'Xmas', 
  • Bring food to share, 
  • Bring wrapped gift for about $8 and 
  • Grog supplied.
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