March 20, 2010

Gnomon Carpark next Monday

We met at the Big Spud prior to heading bush with Tracker for the real start at an undisclosed location. This sure cut into daylight hours. It all started like a pleasant enough walk in the park, and a run through a pleasant enough forest:

Dini even found a relatively pleasant smelling bush toilet which saved her day. The vapours almost melted her (see pic below)

And once we all got back to the cars there was not Dint. Dint found it an oportune time to train for a marathon.
Whilst half the pack departed for Tracker's onon at his home the other half broke open a six pack, ate chocolates and watched 'Ckof chainsmoking and profusely sweating. Cheese hid from the mosquitos in the car and Dint was out there somewhere doing extreme sports . He returned back in one piece after Killer went in the dark forest to fetch him.

Good food was had by all, Bitathis got congratulated on her 80th run with Devonport, for which we all sang a happy birthday song. Flasher and Dini robbed us off our small change and gave away stuff that noone wanted. All happy, and ready for more at the Gnomon carpark out of Ulverstone next monday (22 March 2010).

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