March 8, 2010


Last week's run, combined the Lunar and D-Hash run at Thrust's house and went as expected; Everything was perfect. From the catering to the run, the company and the full moon, all went dreadfully well. But now, lets focus on today's big ticket item: 

That is right, today is the 1500th run for the Devonport Hash House Harriers. Humble as we are this is not a big deal. But Lantern will be setting an extra special run for us, the good man he is, and all Hashers are cordially** invited to attend this special evening of debauchery* at the Lantern Inn: 168 Stoney Rise Road.

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  • The Mazada Standard 1500 Sedan at $2255 was Mazda's idea of "standard" was to give delusions of "luxury", offering plenty more than most other competitors of the time. Standard inventory included windscreen washers, reversing lights, and an advanced fresh air system.
  • 1500 Gallery specializes in Brazilian photography, and is the first art gallery in the world with this explicit focus.
  • The first world record in the 1,500 m for men (athletics) was recognized by the International Amateur Athletics Federation, now known as the International Association of Athletics Federations, in 1912.
  • The Average Number of calories an adult requires in one day is 1500
  • The Number 1500 is the largest number to appear in the Torah as the value of a single word.\
  • The Number 1500 coincides with the value of the Greek phos (light) and God's explicit teaching that "the Torah is light" (Proverbs 6:23).
* de·bauch·er·y  (d-bôch-r)

n. pl. de·bauch·er·ies
a. Extreme indulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipation.
b. debaucheries Orgies.
2. Archaic Seduction from morality, allegiance, or duty.

** cor·dial  (kôrjl)

1. Warm and sincere; friendly: a cordial greeting; cordial relations. See Synonyms at gracious.
2. Strongly felt; fervent: a cordial abhorrence of waste.
3. Serving to invigorate; stimulating.
1. A stimulant; a tonic.
2. A liqueur.

[Middle English, of the heart, from Medieval Latin cordilis, from Latin cor, cord-heart; see kerd- in Indo-European roots.]

cor·diali·ty (-jl-t, -j-l-, -d-l-)cordial·ness n.
cordial·ly adv.

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