February 24, 2009

Re Run report for February 23

Although hash trash is not generally known for its accuracy, it should be noted that the earlier posted report on last night’s run was very wrong on one point in particular.

There was in fact adequate trail marked for the entire journey to the HHH for both runners and walkers. Those that choose to hash home early (which is deemed acceptable by all hashers, provided they accept any consequences that may be thrust upon them at the lippery) should not assume that the trail is incomplete. Give credit where it is due, last night’s hare or was it hares, provided an excellent trail. In my humble opinion if the hare is prepared to set the trail, we should at least try to follow it.

On On

Grumpy Old Devonport Hasher


Anonymous said...

Apologies to the hare if that was indeed the case. The nature of a r*n report is that it is written from the writer's perspective (and in this case 9 other members of the pack). And the writer was quite pissed at the time of writing, in the true Sinbad (and GoneAgain) tradition. There is no dispute that it was an excellent r*n, newish territory, and a very entertaining on on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Grumpy Old Run Reporter. Dh3 has an onsec. Need I say more!

Anonymous said...

Or should I be refering to Grumpy Old D'Port Hasher

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