February 8, 2009

Dini's Dates

Dini's Burnie Trashes are posted on-line. Feel free to download a copy, or even several of them, and burn them. There are enough to start a fire on par with Victoria's bush fires, so you are warned! <click here >.

In Dini's latest edition we have the following not-to-be-forgotten dates mentioned:

  • February 9th, Monday 6.30pm—Devonport HHH—This week’s r*n set by Cheese from Crab’s Place, 14 Main Street, Ulverstone. Bring $10, false beard, Hub, two really odd socks, girlie drinks, and extra boy drinks if you are a pisshead.
  • February 14th, 2009 Saturday—Valentines Day Red Dress R*n, Hobart, supporting Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania. Sixty Five Roses could get you the Valentine of your dreams (in a red dress with hairy legs). A life-changing r*n—ask Smallgoods. Cost $25, starts from the Regatta Pavilion, Hobart. Be there by 1.30pm, for a 2pm photo and underwear swap.
  •  February 16h, Monday 6.30pm—Devonport HHH r*n set by Dint from somewhere annoyingly east of Devonport. Check the blog for annoying details.
  •  February 20th-22nd, 2009—Swine 09 Park Beach Pig Pen Run @ Nugent.
  •  February 25th—LH3/4 does the Launceston Cup to celebrate its newly ordained cummittee.
  •  February 28th—March 1st - H5 Hamilton weekend
  •  February 28th— Launceston H3 AGPU
  •  March 4th-9th—Rainbow’s Hash assault on the Overland Track
  •  April 4th-5th—Weekend HOFT—Saturday walk into Montezuma Falls at Rosebery, then on to Queenstown for an overnighter – caravan park or motel depending on numbers – Sunday walk to Nelson Falls. Anyone interested contact someone who looks a lot like Flasher but isn’t, cos we’re never going on another Flasher HOFT. (flasher@dhash.com)
  •  May 1-3, 2009, Fri-Sun — Aussie Nash Hash @ Cairns registrations now $350 until March 31st 2009.
  •  June 6-8th, 2009—The Highland Fling @ TBA
  •  June 21st, 2009—Burnie Hash House Harriers 1000th R*n— it’s bound to be a long night...
  •  July 1-4, 2010—Sarawak Rainforest Interhash @ Kuching, Borneo.
For the latest jokes you will just have to download the latest Burnie Trash here.

A ventriloquist comes onto the stage with his dummy and starts his act. One bit requires his dummy to tell Dumb-Blonde Jokes. After a few jokes, an angry blonde woman finally stands up and starts speaking her mind.

"I have had it with the stereotyping of all blondes being stupid!" the woman yells, and she continues ranting on about this.

Finally, the ventriloquist says, "Sorry ma'am ..."
The woman cuts him off by saying, "You stay out of this. I'm talkin' to the dummy."


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