February 19, 2009

Dint's Apple Crumble

A less than quality pack (short quite a few Burnie Hashers) rocked up late, very late, or not at all to Parramatta Creek Rest Area.  Cheese, Crow and Soff were all late starters, but too bad, trail Mistress Pioneer had already called them on, across the highway into the orchards. Amid a sea of windfalls, Koff decreed no handling of the fruit - only Dint had permission.  FC was tempted by Eve and all the other harriettes, and ate Phay Wray’s Golden Delicious.  Flasher handled his own fruit. Dyke looked for a Geeveston Fanny but could only find a Granny Smith. Urang asked if anyone had seen his Cox’s Orange.

Meanwhile Pioneer, in a mad blind state, split the pack and took half of them the wrong way while hare Dint screamed at her like a girl for missing half of the trail. 

After a cold chook and salad on-on, Crow was presented with the Hub, which was macramé’d to the seat of his bike for a very stimulating ride home.


Next week’s r*n 23rd February will be set by Cheese from Cheese’s Place, 33 Amherst Street Ulverstone, catered by Thrust.

On On

Phay Wray and Dini


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