August 1, 2014

Run 1729

When:                  Monday 4th August @ 1830 for 1845 get away

Where:                 Lantern’s Shed, Stony Rise Road, Devonport (near intersection Lawrence Drive)

Bring:                  $15 plus torch

Hare:                   Guardsvan

On On:                Guardsvan at Lantern’s Shed


Trakka is setting the following weeks run from TBA, but we need Hares to host following weeks’ runs. As I will be away from next week please liaise with Assistant Trailmaster Dint if you are able to assist.


Run 1728 was preceded by rain, wind, hail, thunder, lightning, but Crow interceded and arranged for the wild weather to abate during the run. A couple of dozen hashers walked, wunned, waded or waited. The trail was awash with flour trail well set by crow and easy to follow. Luckily a deluge decided Crow to end the outing with an HHH at Pier One. Soff was a late scratching due to the “weather”. (“Whether” he had a house when he got home!)

Celebrations ensued to for Koff’s 500th and Bastard’s 1000th run. Crow and 1080 did a great spread of tuckka and Koff received her presentation of a pewter mug and Bastard of a well wrapped and well hung bastard file on Huon Pine. The trophy maker did a fantastic job. Assistant Lip Bedpan conducted her usual lively lippery although some of the “downs” were grossly unfair!! Also it was good to welcome back Smog and Noddi for the occasion.

Thanks Crow and 1080. From what I remember it was a great time had by all.









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