August 27, 2014

Dint's First

Fearing the worst we the crowd gathered at Dint and Koffs house from where we started. It was clear from the first circle check that Dint had lots of flour and flour to spare. So that is where Cheeze's flour had gone to! The trail looped around Church street, along the river and into the burbs, then skirting along the seafront in the dark. There we eventually found the Rambo/Whimps sign. As Dint had told us before the run he had not wasted much flour on the Walkers trail, and sure enough we found it about 50 meters, if that, from the R/W.

The first surprise was at Koffs home where Runners and Walkers arrived simultaneously to find cheese and bickies. The outdoors heating was ample thanks to Cheeze not wasting any time and putting all wood he could find in the fire pot, creating a nice simmering biomass.

We were expecting soup for dinner, but pizza came out, and then the pasta and macaroni and the Waldorf Salad, garlic bread and Parmesan cheese. That was the first surprise of the evening.... Next surprise was the unthinkable. Usually we all try desperately to stop Dint from burning plastic cups, but this time Mattress full of intent decided to burn her plastic cup after doing her down down. She must be in charge of cremations at the hospital.

Anyways, next run at Lantern's place; 168 (?) Stoney Rise Road, Devonport.

ALSO, THURSDAY NIGHT (28 AUG) BLUES NIGHT at OZROCKINN. Rory Ellis  $35 starting at 7pm playing.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY 30 AUGUST WE ARE INVITED TO COME TO CROW'S SKI LODGE AT BEN LOMOND. SHOW UP AT BEN LOMOND CARPARK Saturday sometime around MIDDAY, or any time really and find Crow and 1080 there... Lodge is called Troobunna, right next to carpark, if you find anyone they will know.  There will be a mini adventure up Hamilton Crags which requires sturdy shoes and probably gloves. One hour walk, followed by a pub crawl in the village... Bring pillow, sleepingbag, booze and if you want bring something along to share with the cookup that might happen if we are motivated. Pub next door.

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