August 23, 2014

Cheeze's Home Invasion

Cheeze deserved a new prefix after setting his run. Cheeze van Moore set a trail with about 3 metric tablespoons of flour. He managed to save a whole lot by just setting trail along the Ulverstone beach knowing full well it was going to be high tide (ie. no need to waste flour on the beach).  And how did he know? He checked the tide before he set the run and it looked OK (for his flour).

Anyways, it was a good turn out and we were all out there having a jolly good time running around in the dark. Strategically placed protected penguins were put along the trail for amusement. Maggie tried to feed one a finger apparently.

Back at the ranch the walkers who bee-lined home once they hit the beach had ample time to get comfortable in van Cheeze's abode. Amazingly everyone respectfully took off their footwear - exposing some non compliant pairs of socks which went unnoticed. We all missed the cold sheds in the backyard, NOT!

We all left with a full belly, and are to reconvene next week at;

Dint and Koff's place at Church Street in East Devonport at 630pm next monday (25/8/14).

Watch this space for an update on the Mount Lomond overnighter next friday - 29-30 August?

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