January 17, 2011

No Nickers Run

Nickers and Ratchet did their annual Port Sorell Motorbike run from their campsite. But for reasons defying explanation there was no Nickers and the run was set from the local BBQ place. Nickers did leave her mark in the form of some good salads. Ratchet set the run and the bikers all arrived by a polite 7pm to give him time to get ready. Dyke, being the SNAG, cooked the snags on the BBQ. Crow ran the circle, Zippo was named Zippo, and GoneAgain got a down down for getting mail (nothing less than the Certificate of Deprivation for us Adopting-a-Highway). Cheese’s bike ran out of juice on the way home and GoneAgain’s didn’t -because he coerced Dint into giving him his last $10 to buy fuel before setting off.

  • Next run is GoneAgain's and he's setting it from FannyMay's place (10 James St, Devonport) because he wants to see her sweating in the kitchen. Bring something to sit on if you can.
  • Don't forget this Thursday (Jan.20) at Furner’s Hotel in Ulverstone for the NW Lunar Hash (www.lunarhash.blogspot.com).

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