January 10, 2011

Flasher's Night Off

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A skimpy pack set out from les Bean's place in McCabe Avenue, armed with umbrellas and ready for the weather to crap on them in a big way. Lots of hilly streets and some sneaky alleyways and stairs took the hashers down onto the railway line reserve at Coles Beach. A mastercheck at Don College sent the sheep home while the goats ran out to the Don Railway and back. Flasher had coerced Les into doing all the cooking and was sitting around drinking piss when we arrived back. But it must be said that his Haring skills were up to scratch - the walkers and runners arrived back within seconds of each other. That could also be something to do with the fact the the rain keeps away the SCB's who hash home early.
The wrigged wraffle abounded with post-Christmas specials and more relics from Auntie's special collection of c1968 knitted treasures. Poxy arrived just as it was ending and was terribly disappointed to have missed out, as he was relying on it to pick up something nice to give PB next Christmas. Eagle scored a very classy tie which will earn him his own office at work, but Highbeam came away less than satisfied after finding out what she'd won wasn't porn.
There was a gap where the lip should have been, so Tracka filled it with spackle and awarded all the downs he couldn't think of. Bald Eagle made a cracking beer bitch.
At the end of it, Cheese was astonished to find himself holding the Hub, even though both hands were in his pockets.
Next week is the motor bike run set by Ratchet and Knickers from Port Sorell Caravan Park. Riders meet at Oz Rock Inn Ulverstone at 6pm.

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

SCB's who Hash home - Doo Da, Doo Da.
Rhubarb, Rhubard - did I get 50%,
On hmm On, Fanny May

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