March 23, 2009

Dial 000 for HOFT

Dyke's HOFT was close to being cancelled when Dyke realised it was 12:13pm and no one had shown at the Hole in the Road behind Penguin, but then the punters appeared over the hill. Full of enthusiasm we descended down to the Leven River and marched along to our designated lunch-spot at Purton's Flat. Dyke had arranged beer, champagne and other goodies to handicap us on the way back home

Half way along the walk we were surprised by Towels and SlackMac who intercepted our trail. They had been alerted to our operation by the HHH inteligence faction.

Dyke had planted interesting artefacts for all to enjoy. See below the FoMoCo diesel powered pump that tickled BB and R's fancy. Personally I was more intrigued by the Launy ballerina and Puss in Boot's swishy pants, or whatever was making the squishy sound in there...

Dyke hospitality was enjoyed after the run which got us re-energised to partake in pizza in Penguin... Next HOFT is Montezuma's Falls with Flasher (hope he learned from today's mini-HOFT).

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See you all tonight at the Devonport Pool, bottom of Steele Street.

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