March 8, 2007

Pig Pen Trip

Pig Pen 2007 (from a visitors point of view)

The motley group of DH3 members (Mabel, Flasher, PB, Thrust and Tracka) attended the annual Pig Pen run at Copping on February 18th 2007.

The trip started at Tracka’s at 8am with stops at Epping Forest (compulsory for food), Campania (for relief), Sorell (for more food) and finishing at Copping at around 11.30am.

All were able to abuse cyclists on the great Victorian bike ride on the road into Sorell and also some local motorists who obviously don’t know how to pass cyclists. Some sysclists even passed them at times.

At the Copping Oval (badly in need of a mow) some hashers were set up in tents, others in campervans and then there were others who were not intending to stay for the bush dance and had just turned up for the run / piss for the day. Being in a valley then temperature was exaggerated somewhat and it would have been at least 30 degrees may be more, no breeze to speak of, just hot really. We registered and received the compulsory badge and the promise of cold beer and food after the run. The hares called all to a circle and mentioned that there would be 3 runs, the short walk / run (about 6km) “the pork hunt”, the medium run (about 10 – 12km) “the ham hero” and the long run (about 18km) “the iron swine”. All DH3 chose the medium and at the appointed time off we went. Mabel led the pack (dangerous I here you say) as all runs started in the same place and went up past the cemetery, past a vineyard and up a reasonable hill to a fence jump and then down into a newly planted forest. The heat was oppressive as we came upon the first sign directing the hunters in one direction and the heroes and swine in the other direction. We were warned about snakes but had not seen any at this stage. The pack spread over quite a distance and the black sandy soil absorbed and reflected back the heat and eventually there was a drink stop. Only water and not cold but enough to wet the whistle and pour over the head to provide some relief. Mabel and Flasher being the fitter of the crew had disappeared by this stage leaving PB, Thrust and Tracka to bring up the rear. Tracka got lost just after the drink stop and had to be brought back onto the trail by PB as it wound it way back out of the plantation and across some paddocks to a saddle and then down again via more paddocks and short undergrowth. The second drink stop was a welcome sight as more water was poured over heads and the hare joined us for the run back to the on on.

A nicely set trail with some interesting hills and valleys and good use of territory.

The On On was ok but the hash hops did not have the beer set right and most was wasted because the beer was not cold enough and you basically ended up with a mug of froth. The ginger beer was ok though. A compulsory down was had by all for visiting and the lippery went for ages and ages. In fact we all disappeared whilst the lippery was still running to enable a stop for a counter tea on the way home.

Counter tea at Campbell Town was nice but it was still bloody hot and most uncomfortable at the pub. The trip home was uneventful and all arrive safely back at Tracka’s at about 10pm.

Well worth the trip as a good day was had by all and it was good to see many other hash clubs attending as well.

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