March 15, 2007

Logo or image for DHHH?

Any suggestions for a logo or graphic for this website? Looking a little pale....


PS Home for one short night, off to Canberra tomorrow morning... No idea when I'll be BackAgain----------


Anonymous said...

As the original devonport graphic utilised the tassie devil, perhaps you can capitalise on the facial tumour theme, though it may end up looking like someone you know at hash!
But seriously, as the club has "port" as a part of its moniker, why not try for a nautical or piratical logo, eg skull and crossed-schlongs, boat with interesting shaped oars, mermaids in inviting pose, excited lighthouse etc. Who knows, it may end up almost as good as Burnie HHH's Effie the Emu and Roger the Hare.

Anonymous said...

DH3's logo is surely the HUB (that revered symbol of some shameful deed). Indeed, the image of same is readily available and is used extensively on correspondence (f*ck all of that though!). The image comes complete with that famous DH3 quote WHE RET HEFU CKA REWE. Check with me (F.C.).

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